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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


I don't see a navigation menu to get to your tabs. What do I have to do?

2. When will your videos be up?

3. How do you rate the difficulty of the songs?

4. Where do your tabs come from?


If you can't see the side navigation menu on the left side, it's because you don't have Flash Player 6.0. Go to and download the newest version of flash player.

2. At the moment, I do not have the video equipment to do them, but in due time, they will be done. This site is still new and has plenty more tabs that have yet to be done, so that's the main focus at this point.

3. The star rating is as follows:
Basic chords, simple strumming
                   - Basic chords, intermediate strumming/fingerpicking
                - Intermed. chords, strumming/fingerpicking, minor solos
            - Intermed. chords, adv. strumming, and minor solos
        - Advanced chords, strumming, and solos

4. Tabs are made from the following resources:
         - - Video Archive
         - Contributers - People who submit their own tabs
         - Suggestions made on the forums
         - Any Given Thursday DVD
         - Live performance audio & other videos(Aol Sessions, etc...)
         - From John Mayer cds

         We do not take tabs and give ourselves credit for it. Credit is given
         where credit is due.

All photographs are copyright © John Mayer. All other images copyright © (2003-2006)